Fanvil Showcase the Latest Communication & Security Unified Integration Solution at 2018 SECURITY CHINA Time: the 2018-10-27 Editor: fanvil

From October 23 to October 26, 2018, the 14th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security was held in China International Exhibition Center (New Center), Beijing. Fanvil, as a professional developer and manufacturer on field of SIP security & communication, brought the latest IP Broadcasting/Intercom Unified Communication system, a full range of IP/SIP security products and solutions to the Expo. With the innovation and practicality of the products, Fanvil attracted high attention from domestic and foreign visitors.

At the exhibition, Fanvil’s leading IP Broadcasting/Intercom Unified Communication system became a major focus.

Fanvil IP Broadcasting/Intercom Unified Communication system is a one-stop solution based on IP communication protocol and standard SIP protocol as core protocol, combing with Help Intercom, SOS call, Emergency Broadcasting, Emergency Consultation, Visualized Dispatch, Real-time Recording, Video Linkage, Alarm Linkage and Digital Map. The system supports third-party device access and interoperates with existing IP communication systems to achieve multi-system integration. The system adopts cloud management and has a powerful visual dispatching console, which can monitor and manage the whole network equipment of the access system. Thanks to the system, intercoms/door phones deployed nationwide will no longer be isolated, and inter-regional intercom application can be realized, greatly improving the integration and utilization of the intercom equipment to maximize the benefits of each investment.


The system could be widely applied to multiple industries like highways, unmanned parking lot/sports hall/gym/supermarket, industry mine, education, rail, finance, prison, energy, electricity, medical, intelligent building and others. It attracted the attention of customers in different industries. The launch of the Fanvil IP Broadcasting/Intercom Unified Communication system has helped the Fanvil industry products to build more optimized solutions to meet the most demanding needs of the customer in various industries. Many Fanvil agents have praised Fanvil 's products and innovation capabilities.


In the exhibition, Fanvil also highlighted the Community Renovation Solution, which raised interests of attendees. In order to let customers more intuitively understand the flexible and convenient way to open the door, we directly demonstrated how the owner can open the door through the indoor extension when the visitor visits. It is worth mentioning that at the show, Fanvil launched a new 10-inch screen HD Android video indoor unit, which allows customers to have more choices for indoor unlocking.

In the exhibition, Fanvil also shared the successful application of SIP video intercom / broadcast gateway PA2 and its accessories PA2 KIT in the unattended place. Emergency events often occur in unattended places, so the one button help  system is a necessary system for unattended places. In response to this demand, Fanvil launched a cost-effective transformation program, users only need to install PA2 directly in the unattended places entrance and exit and the original intercom terminal inside the venue, and with PA2 KIT a high-quality one-button help intercom system can be built quickly. In an emergency, customers can promptly seek help from the service center to obtain remote assistance, which greatly improve the user experience in unattended places. PA2 Gateway + KIT meets the needs of the one button help intercom system in unattended places, which can be widely used in unattended parking lots, unattended Stadium, unattended Gym and unattended Supermarket


In the product experience area, you could see the latest video intercom i16. With high reliability, high compatibility, multiple protection and high-definition video, cost-effective and reliable i16 video intercom attracted lots of visitors’ attention.


Through this exhibition, the Fanvil brand has been recognized by more and more customers. Fanvil is dedicated on the development and innovation of professional SIP security industry products for worldwide partners. More NEW brilliant products would be presented and launched in the upcoming future.  2019, we look forward to seeing you again.

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