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How to get screen capture on D900?

Use Linux command: screencap

Step 1. Enable "Telnet",
via GUI, Click "Settings", "Maintenance", "Service Port", Select "Enable Telnet"

Step 2. Telnet to D900
Use Windows Telnet or other telnet tool: telnet <IP_Address_of_D900>
When connected, user should see prompt as: root@Android#

Step 3. Captuer screen with "screencap" command,
screencap </File_path/FileName.png>
i.e. root@Android# screencap /sdcard/1.png (save to SD card) or
i.e. root@Android# screencap /mnt/udisk/1.png (save to USB drive)

Note: The screen capture file must save as PNG format with ".png" extension, otherwise, the file cannot be open correctly.

How to upgrade the D800 ?

Once the D800 firmware had been update, we may try to upgrade the D800 IP Phone.

There are two option for your choose:

Login into the web, choose Maintenance->Update->Web Update, there, you should find the firmware, then click to "Update". In the process of upgrading, the D800 would restart. Once the D800 complete the upgrade, we would reset the D800 normally. The way to reset the IP Phone is press settings->maintenance->backup->reset in the IP Phone. The password is 123456. Then, the IP Phone would restart.

Some customers think it would take a lot of time if we use website to upgrade the D800. In this case, we could try to use u-disk to upgrade the D800. 

We may refer the following specific steps :
1. Use a u-disk to create a folder named "implinstall", then copy the upgrade firmware to this directory.
2. Plug the u-disk to the D800 IP Phone, then restart the D800 IP Phone.
3. In the process of restart, the IP Phone would be upgrading.
4. Once the IP Phone upgrade sucessfully, you may need to press settings->maintenance->backup->reset. The password is 123456. Then, the IP Phone would restart.

1.If the upgrade firmware is the xxxx.bin,  the folder which we create in the u-disk is "implinux". 
2.If the upgrade firmware is the xxxx.tar.gz, the folder which we create in the u-disk is "impinstall".

How to reset our IP Phone?

Option1(In the IP Phone):
1. Press Menu->Enter->Advanced Settings
2. Input the password to get into the next interface.
3. Choose Factory Reset and press Enter.
4. Choose Yes then our IP Phone would reboot.

Option2(In the Website):
1. Login into the website via IP Phone.
2. Find Maintenance->CONFIG
3. You will see the "Clear Configuration"
4. Click to "Clear" then our IP Phone would reboot.

Option3(In the Post mode):
1. Reboot your IP Phone, once you see the "VOIP" you need to press #.
2. You will get into the POST MODE.
3. Input *#168 in the post mode
4. You will see the "Clearing conf" in the IP Phone( Attention: Please do not power off the IP Phone otherwise it would crash and must return to our factory)
5. Once you see the "Conf reset" you can reboot your IP Phone.

Note: We will try to Option1 and Option 2 to reset our IP Phone most time. We do not recommend Option 3 cause there are some security risks in this method.

How to use the sip 2 line to make a call in our C56 IP Phone?

Most careful users had been found that there is no line 2 in our C56 keyboard. How could we use sip 2 line to implement a phone call ? You may need to make some configuration as followings.

1. Login into the web, choose VOIP->DIAL PEER, there, you could see the "Add Dial Peer".

2. Phone Number: 2T
(You could use any number you want to. Such as 2T,3T or xT, thus, if you want to use this rules, you need to dial 'x'+telephone number)

3. Destination(Optional):
( represents go sip1 line represents go sip2 line
 0.0.0.x represents go sipx line)

4. Port(Optional):  5060
(Set the signal port, the default port is 5060 for sip)

5. Alias(Optional): del
("Del" means that phone will delete the number with length appointed)

6. Call Mode: SIP
(Selectt different signal protocol, SIP orIAX2)

7. Suffix(Optional): no suffix
(Set suffix, this is optional config item, it will show no suffix if you do not set it.)

8. Deleted Length(Optional):1
(If you set the delete length is 1, the phone will delete the first 1 digits once you want to use this rules to establish a call.)
If the customer want to use the 2 lines, we could set the dial peer as following

Number     Destination      Port        Mode      Alias       Suffix        Deleted Length
    2T           5060         SIP        del         no suffix              1

Use this function we could set either 2 line or the rest of lines in our IP Phone.

How to upgrade firmware of C600/C400/D900 by udisk

1. Copy the firmware be upgraded to Udisk(we suggest copy to a folder was named by letters and numbers).
2. Power off the phone.
3. Insert Udisk to USB port of phone, then press Home and Return key(if the phone is D900, then press Home and Headset key) without releasing.
4. Power on the phone, the phone will run into Android system recovery about in 8 seconds(you will see a android robot on phone screen), then release your hand, and it show menu.
5. Choose the item '语言(Language)' by press headset key, menu key and handsfree key(handsfree key is Ok key, if the phone is D900, please press volume keys and Ok key to select the item),and make it to be english UI
6. Then return to top menu, and select the item 'apply update from udisk', and go into udisk.
7. Select the firmware in Udisk, then you will see the prompt that the phone upgrading.
8. After upgrade complete, it will reture to top menu, select 'reboot system now', the phone reboot and update done.

Attention: after upgrade firmware, the icons in phone or the web pages abnormal, please reset the phone to factory setting.

How to caputre packet in IP phone

1. Access the phone by web -> MAINTENCANCE ->SYSLOG -> Web Capture.
2. Click 'Start' button,the browser(recommend use this browser: Chrome) will remind you save a PCAP file, please do it.
3. Please kindly reproduce the issue.
4. Please click 'Stop' button after reproduce the issue.
5. The packets you capture in step(2), it contain the information of the issue.
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