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Fanvil Participated ITExpo, Miami 2015

Jan 30th 2015 Miami, Florida, the United States of America

Fanvil participated ITEXPO 2015 in Miami during Jan 28th-30th, showing the fascinating X3, innovative X5, Android video phones and IP intercoms.

From the beginning till the end, the exhibition models attracted all visitors' attentions. "Fanvil is not just an IP Phone manufacturer, we are also a vision seeing company to produce the right products to our customers" indicated by Fanvil Products Director James Pao " as you have seen, Fanvil Android desktop is not only a pure Android based product, most importantly it is an enterprise product. So far, from all visitors' feedback, the innovative X5 will absolutely being a flagship IP Phone, and the 2nd LCD display, color options will mean to be a future trend feature in this industry".

2015 will be a significant year in Fanvil history, we also believe Fanvil will continue to develop more and more welcoming products to customers in the future. Fanvil appreciated all customers' support, and sincerely wish to see all of you in next IT EXPO show in Las Vegas.

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