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Fanvil – A rising star of CommunicAsia

2016-06-02 Kyle Huang

On 31 May, the CommunicAsia 2016 opened in Singapore Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center, this exhibition has 30 years of history in Singapore, it brought together visitors from all around the world to show them the latest communication tech and the wisdom of the city to promote the Asian big data process.

Among the exhibitors, some chinese enterprise such as Jingdong, flames, Huawei, Beijing Satcom satellite network, Skyworth, Sumavision, TCL and ZTT are come from the forefront of digital innovation .

This year, Fanvil-Tech participated this exhibition and made a high-profile debut for their new products. Their new entry-level color display Ip phone X3S, enterprise-class color display X4 and hotel telephones got customers’ praise through a series of product demonstrations and explanations.

More importantly, Fanvil has made further exchanges with old and new partners in southeast asia through this exhibition and learned more about the southeast asian market. Also they are now more confident about the future direction of the market strategy because of positive customer feedback of their existing products and new products. Another benefit for Fanvil is they got a further consolidation for their relationship with their partners.

And a sure thing is that Fanvil will do their best to provide their customers with better products and better services in 2016 and we all look forward to the next meeting in CommunicAsia!

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