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Chengdu, China, September 22th, 2016

Fanvil Technology Company, associated with the local partner-- Csundec Chengdu, successfully hosted the “ open, innovation, based on the SIP to promote industry development”Trade show.

Together with more than 20 mainstream communications companies, we are very happy to create this industry feast and provide more changes for people to share their ideas about the industrial.

“We are always dedicated by using the open, standard and compatible SIP protrocal to combined telephone systems, video conferencing system, monitoring system and the broadcasting system. A unified system will be the future. Fanvil will keep working our best to provide more professional and more compatible end-point for the market and future.” Fanvil CEO Robbin.

The competition in the global ecosystem in more and more intense, how we going to take the challenge and opportunity in the communication industry, what the Chinese companies need to be become the industry leader in the future. Dominic Anthony Marrocco-- The CEO of Equiinet from USA, Professional of the Peking university, gave us the ideas.

Mr wang-- CEO of Zycoo shares us “What is the industry crisis and innovation under the new form of communication industry.”

Change-AVAYA Channel director- Mr He.
You always change before the need of the market. AVAYA’s Channel director Mr.He shaoqing shared us what AVAYA UC solution can bring to you under the pressure and challenges in the internet era.

How to perfectly combined enterprise communication and intelligent office--Shared by Mr.Zhuang from Kingland Communication.
In the past decade, Fanvil is always committed in providing the most value,cost-effective and wide compatible product for the market. We will always follow what we believe. let’s move forward together.
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