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CTI Forum: Two Editors’ Recommended Awards of 2016 go to Fanvil Technology.
Fanvil Technology won two Editors’ Recommended Awards of the Year (Released by CTI Forum)

On 23rd, Dec, CTI Forum successfully hosted the “Industry Application and Market Analysis & Editors’ Recommended Award” in Beijing. Fanvil Technology won two major awards – “Editors’ Recommended Award” goes to Fanvil’s IP phones and “the Best Manager Award” goes to Fanvil’s General Manager Mr. Feng Jianwen.

The Editors’ Recommended Award is annually hosted by CTI Forum—the leading Information and Communication Technology Website in China. The selection scope covers the major ICT technology and product application. With the help of the Media’s unique view, this activity is aiming to make a summary and showcase for the latest technology and popular product solutions in ICT field.

Fanvil Technology is a professional developer and manufacturer of VoIP products, including IP phone, Video phone, Gateway and SIP intercom & door phone for industry. Supported by the world's leading technology, Fanvil has an independent, advanced communication platform to provide customers with first-class products and quality services. Fanvil’s IP telephony products deserved the Editors’ Recommended Award.

Meanwhile, Fanvil’s General Manager Mr. Feng Jianwen has over 30 years of experience in IP communication field. He deeply understands the change of the communication and always keeps pace with the times of product application and perception. He is also quite familiar with kinds of communication products’ structure. Mr. Feng Jianwen also has many years of experience in enterprise management, including product design, production processes and quality management, etc. Under his direction, Fanvil has made many improvements and obtained lots of achievements. During past years, Fanvil upgraded the product, improved the products quality, gradually established a global distribution channels to expand their own brands. At the same time, he helped Fanvil internally to set up a system of purchasing, production, R&D and sales management. He advocated to create a new high value-added products line. Mr. Feng Jianwen deservedly won "the Best Manager" awards.

With the professional technology products and the best management personnel, and with the support of our industry partners, finally Fanvil won these two awards. Fanvil will continue to work together with our industry partners to promote the development of communication industry in 2017.

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