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About Metro Parking

Incorporated in 1991, Metro Parking whose core business activity is parking management and consultancy started its business with the setting up of the first company in the group, Metro Parking (M) Sdn Bhd. So far, it has aggressively expanded the business operation extensively not only in Malaysia but also in other countries namely Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, and India with over 200 car parks comprising of 60,000 parking bays.

Challenges of the traditional analog intercom system
Before switching to Fanvil SIP Intercom, Metro Parking used analog intercoms in the parking lot. They found that their previous analog intercom system has many limitations. For example:
· High maintenance cost of the old analog devices due to the complicated wiring and the difficult problem detection.
· Long response in long-distance control leads to the serious traffic pile up at the entrance and the angry customers.
· No integration between different devices in the parking lots.
· No Tracking Report To Monitor Call Records

The parking lot with analog intercom devices

Metro Parking looks for a cost-effective solution to maximize service efficiency and enhance user experience and finally selected Fanvil i12 SIP audio intercom, aiming to provide better service with fast response for their customers.

Metro Parking installed Fanvil i12 SIP audio intercoms at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. It should be noted that Fanvil i12 SIP audio intercom can be integrated with the management server via Internet, which means that it is easier to manage and maintain.

How Fanvil i12 Audio Intercom Works in Unmanned Parking Lot

The parking lot with Fanvil i12 SIP intercoms

The Benefits
· Easier installation and maintenance. Fanvil i12 SIP Audio Intercom can be easily integrated with the telephone system of parking service center to detect the problem.
· High extension of Fanvil i12 SIP audio intercom with mobile devices enables the management center to quickly respond to the call of the drivers.
· All intercom units can be viewed real time on dashboard at headquarter.
· All site equipped with paging speakers and alarm for announcement and alert.

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