Fanvil obtained the "National High-Tech Enterprise" certificate again Time: the 2019-03-12 Editor: fanvil

1st, March, 2019 -- Fanvil obtained the "National High-Tech Enterprise" certificate on 16th, October, 2018 and received the certificate on 26th, Feb, 2019. It’s a high recognition on Fanvil’s R&D strength and innovation capability.

The High-tech enterprises are the special qualifications established by the Chinese Government to support and encourage the development of high-tech enterprises, adjust the industrial structure and enhance the national economic competitiveness. The enterprise should be qualified with core technologies, independent intellectual property rights, high-tech products or services. The qualified National High-Tech Enterprise enjoys some preferential policies from the Chinese government such as financial support, tax reduction, and being the priority of land usage for business purpose. The certificate is valid for three years. With a strong R&D capability and a further enhancement of the comprehensive innovation capability, Fanvil received the "National High-Tech Enterprise" certificate once again. The certificate of the "National High-Tech Enterprise" is a high recognition for Fanvil in terms of business performance, scientific and technological innovation, and R&D capability it achieved in recent years, as well as an important proof of its sustained competency of R&D transformation and capability of forming independent intellectual property.  


Adhering to the "people-oriented, pioneering and innovative" concept, with the industry's leading R&D capabilities and complete service system, Fanvil is committed to be the leading expert supplier of high-end unified communication terminal products. Fanvil will continue to increase the investment in product development to bring better and more competitive products to all partners and end users.

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