Fanvil MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Policy

As an expert supplier of IP communication devices, Fanvil has made significant investments in its brand image— emphasizing both the high quality and performance of its IP communication products. In order to build and maintain integrity for Fanvil brand equity by emphasizing the value and quality of Fanvil’s products through advertising and marketing. Fanvil believes that its products should be advertised at prices that reflect the value of those products and the Fanvil brand, and established the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) for all Fanvil products.

Fanvil expects all distributors and retailers (collectively “resellers”), including those selling over the Internet, to maintain its high standards and brand image for these product lines. Fanvil further expects all resellers to take the time to learn about and properly promote its products, so resellers can properly serve their customers.

This MAP policy is designed to protect distributor/reseller margins so that desirable pre-sales and post-sales services and infrastructure can be provided by our channel partners; and support the Fanvil brand as a premium offering.

This Policy is in addition to and separate from all other programs and policies intended to establish a strong brand presence, allowing the end customer an experience that is consistent with Fanvil’s emphasis on high quality and performance.

The Policy applies to all resellers that sell, promote, or advertise the Products, including the online sale of Products, and applies to all advertising and promotion of the Products. This includes, without limitation, placements on websites, social media, banner and popup ads, broadcast e-mails, landing pages, affiliated marketing, email marketing, etc.
This Policy applies only to advertised prices and does not apply to the price at which the Products are actually sold to an end customer.

This Policy covers only the Products, and does not apply to damaged, discontinued or non-active products, as long as the Product advertised clearly states that it is damaged, discontinued, or non-active.
From time to time, Fanvil may choose to offer special promotions on certain Products. In such an event, Fanvil reserves the right to modify or suspend this Policy in whole or in part by notifying resellers of the duration and nature of the change.

Resellers are not required to indicate pricing for the Products in online media. However, if a price for a Product is indicated, the model shown on the rating plate must be included in the description of the Product being sold, and the advertised price of a Product covered by this Policy cannot be less than the MAP.

   a. If a distributor/reseller violates this MAP Policy at any one online store or on any associated website, then Fanvil will consider this to be a violation by the dealer.
   b. Fanvil reserves the right to cancel any pending orders, restrict future orders, or suspend distributor/reseller’ account if Fanvil reasonably believes:
      i. a distributor/reseller has violated the provisions of this policy; or
      ii. a distributor/reseller’ intends to violate this policy.
   c. Fanvil’s MAP Policy Administrator is solely responsible for determining whether a violation of the MAP Policy has occurred, as well as determining appropriate sanctions like:
      i. Cancel any pending orders and restrict future orders;
      ii. The distributor orreseller will be removed from the Authorized list;
      iii. Authorized distributors of Fanvil will be advised not to sell Fanvil products to resellers in violation of MAP through periodic published list of MAP violators. They will be given 3 business days to correct pricing to be removed from this list.
   d. The MAP Policy will be enforced by Fanvil in its sole discretion and without notice. Dealers, distributors, and resellers have no right to enforce the MAP Policy. Violations of this policy may result in any of the aforementioned sanctions up to and including termination of our business relationship, as well as any available remedies at law.

This Policy shall be unilaterally administered by Fanvil. It is not a contract or agreement, and Fanvil does not seek nor will it solicit or accept any reseller’s agreement with this policy. nor will Fanvil discuss your pricing or the pricing of others.

This Policy is subject to revision by Fanvil in its sole discretion at any time. Fanvil will provide notice of changes to the Policy on website Questions regarding the Policy can be sent to

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