Fanvil Device Management System

FDMS(Fanvil Device Management System)is a web-based, real-time, intelligent and unified tool to manage multiple Fanvil devices. Dealers/customers of Fanvil can realize the powerful functionalities of remote deployment, unified management, real-time analysis and high-efficiency monitoring of Fanvil devices via this platform.
Fanvil Device Management System
Installed on the server of control center for the remote control/upgrade/maintenance/configuration on the terminals, and management on access control card and record.

·Operation system windows server2012 with B/S Structure. Easy to maintain and upgrade with cross-platform application.
·Terminal Management, including online status check, auto provision, remote parameter modification, terminal
reset and upgrade, batch upgrade and addition.
·Access Card Management, including card’s addition, deletion, edition and distribution.
·Access Record Management, including synchronization, statistics, deletion and query.
·Account Management, including account addition and deletion , address management and sub account management.

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