Fanvil’s Device Management System (FDMS) is a web-based, GUI-driven, real-time and unified tool for managing multiple Fanvil devices. It is designed for distributors/resellers/users implementing devices deployment, management, analysis, monitoring and more. Administrators can easily authorize flexible permissions to multiple sub-administrators. The Fanvil Device Management System offers comprehensive management control and tracking while delivers a host of capabilities and functions to reduce the cost of operation and maintenance efficiently.
Fanvil Device Management System
Key Features
- Web-based platform, integration features including device deployment, account registration, configuration updating, firmware upgrading, statistical analysis and device monitoring etc.
- Multiple sub-administrators with flexible permissions authorized by system administrator
- Customized groups of devices according to districts, departments, roles
- Control all of your Fanvil devices in the system remotely, such as configuration updating, firmware upgrading, reset to factory, reboot, access to web interface of the devices etc
- Execute rule personalization, support full-time, interval or cyclical tasks.
- Device status analysis, including diagnosing device operation status, registration status, access control status (only for Fanvil door phones).
- Real-time data statistics and intelligent maintenance, alarm notification when the device abnormal, and automatic fault correction.

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