• Fanvil Compatible EHS Headsets List
  • All Fanvil Products Unaffected by the Log4j Software Vulnerability
    Since December 11, 2021, the security vulnerability in Java logging log4j has been making headlines. This much is known for certain: Log4j is a logging library for recording events in Java server operations, which helps to troubleshoot the operation errors.

    Fanvil has confirmed that the IP Phones (WiFi IP Phone/V Series IP Phone/XU Series IP Phone/ XS Series IP Phone/X Series IP Phone/Hotel Phone/Console IP Phone)、Industry Product 、Indoor Station、FDMS 2.0、FDMS3.0 、FDPS、Headsets、USB Camera are unaffected by the recently reported security vulnerability with Java-based Log4j software. We want to assure our partners, resellers and end-users across the world that they can continue using these products without any concern.

    Fanvil Technology Co., LTD
    Dec. 21, 2021
  • What’s the meaning of the phones icons shown in desktop?
    In order to help users to check phone system status, and some application modes; phones might show some icons to indicate the status.

  • How to show SIP line extension number on the desktop, or customize the displayed contents?
    The phones might show the default SIP line’s extension number in desktop; customer might also show other strings in desktop instead of local extension number.
    1.Login to phone’s web - phone settings - features - enable default line. It is enabled as default.
    2.If it were disabled, web - phone settings - advanced, then the greeting words would be displayed.

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  • How to create and import customized music ring?
    Fanvil phones allow users to customize their ring for phones to distinguish incoming calls. So they need to create ring file(s) first, and then import them via phone’s web page.
    Operation steps:
    1.Install coolEdit software in PC;
    2.Run coolEdit;
    3.Press file to open some music file, .mp3, .wav etc; also edit the file format to sample rate-8000/16000/resolution-16-bit;

    4.After load the music file, press to play it. Use mouse to select some segment(no more than 30 seconds, little than 256KB)

    5.After selected, press file-save selection as to save the contents with wav format.
    6.For X2/X3S/X4, upgrade and import the .wav version by the access to web-system-upgrade-software; For X5S/X6, upgrade and import the file by the access to web - system - upgrade - ring.

    If you do not have coolEdit software, you just need to make sure you can get some .wav file with:
    8000 sample rate/8 bit/PCMA;
  • How to analyze and detect X2/X3S/X4 phones in LAN with network storm?
    due to some incorrect LAN maintenance or usage, there would be huge network data sent in LAN network, like broadcast storm. Network loop leads to the huge data sent repeatedly. X2/X3S/X4 have limited system resource to handle these data. So we must inform LAN administrator or some technician to eliminate them. But first, we need to know the phones are worked in some abnormal environment. In order to indicate that, these phones provide some icon to let users see there were network storm.

    With the icon shown, it means phone is suffering too much network data in a short time. , there are 3 levels to indicate the level of network data quantity .Please check if there were some device sending too much broadcast data into LAN, or if someone plug LAN cable into switch to make it looped.

    Only X2/X3S/X4 would indicate it, while X5S/X6/C400/C600 would not show it.
  • How to make P2P calls by IP number?
    Fanvil phones allow users to input IPv4 address as dialed number to make P2P calls, which does not need SIP PBX/server Proxied.
    Operation steps:
    1.Set up phones with IP direct calls mode accepted;
    2.Check web-phone settings - features -Allow IP Calls is selected;
    3.Dialing IP address directly, use * to replace., i.e., 192*168*1*100;
  • How to enable/disable direct IP calls for phones?
    To some users, they would like to make a small SIP call system with only SIP phones, no SIP PBX nor SIP server. They can active and use IP direct calls with Fanvil phones. But there is also some risk. If some users enable IP direct calls, but they use PBX for call services, the phones might receive unknown calls which are not from PBX, but invalid request devices. So they need to disable IP direct calls.
    Operation steps:
    1.Login web-function key-soft key.
    2.To X2/X3S/X4, Access to line-basic settings-SIP Invite restrict-select it, phones would not receive IP direct calls. Unselect it, phones might ring for IP direct calls. To X5S/X6, access to line-global settings-Enable Strict UA Match-select it, phones would not receive IP direct calls.

  • How to make customized soft function keys for phones?
    Soft keys in the Fanvil phones can not only be used as normal keys, but also be customized with more functions.
    Operation steps:
    1.Login web-function key-soft key-soft function key settings.
    2.Set up some DSS key that you want to assign.
    3.After applying, there would be the DSS key in unselect soft keys(DSS key1) . Put it to select soft keys. Then you can use it.

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