CTI Forum: Two Editors’ Recommended Awards of 2016 go to Fanvil Technology


Shenzhen, China, November, 18, 2017–Fanvil Technology Company is pleased to announce that Fanvil's new X series including X2, X3S, X4, X5S, X6 model and H series including H2S, H3, H5 are now fully interoperable with Bicom Systems.                With the new Fanvil X Series plus Bicom Systems, partners will have a better communication experience on the unique paperless programmable DSS with One-Touch operation, smart key operation. Together we have achieved a more user-friendly interface, and applications are provided and mended to let customers have more a comfortable experience with higher efficiency. The Fanvil H series plus Bicom Systems provides a professional solution specifically for hotels. Fanvil will continue to develop and upgrade the new X series and H series phones for our partners to make sure they have an updated system and can do it very easily.

"We really appreciate the support and effort from the Bicom team during testing," said Frank Gao, PM of Fanvil, "Our close relationship is the guarantee for this new innovation and smart solution which will definitely bring more value to the market, especially the SMB market and the hotel market. 2018 will be an important year for Fanvil. We will continuously work closely with Bicom to provide a better solution for our joint partners."

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